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Our mission is to provide everyone with the highest quality health education. With 1 in 6 Americans living with a chronic disease, we focus on the root causes of those conditions. We want to empower everyone who might be seeking information to help improve their health. Age Forward was born out of a deep need to bridge the information gap. Our short videos are easy to watch, understand and can be viewed on any device.

Our Team

Hema Patel Hema PatelFounder & CEO
Samir Patel Samir PatelCo-Founder
Divyansh Bajpai Divyansh BajpaiCOO
Sejal Patel Dr. Sejal PatelCIO
Shikha Uberoi Bajpai Shikha Uberoi BajpaiAdvisor
Wolfram Alderson Wolfram AldersonAdvisor
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What is Age Forward?

Our mission is to teach, empower and heal. Age Forward is a learning platform built for you. We curate our content and handpick our experts to bust wellness myths and break through pseudoscience. Our ultimate goal is better health for all.

How do I become an Age Forward Expert?

If you would like to join Age Forward as an expert contributor, please contact us at experts@ageforward.com.

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