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We believe everyone is entitled to high quality and accurate preventive health and wellness information. We’ve curated our library based on years of trying to understand exactly what’s missing from our healthcare system. The answer? Good, credible preventive health information. Just like you, we are frustrated with all the misinformation out there. We created this community to bring truth back into your health and wellness journey. Our experts are the leading minds in their fields and are creating short, easy to understand videos so you can learn anywhere.

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Preventive health is powerful. We know 70% of Americans wish they had more preventive health support. By placing a focus on the root causes of chronic illness, we want to help you unlock your own healing potential. Our videos are designed to fit into your busy life. Together, day by day making small changes, we can build healthier lives. Thank you for letting us be part of your journey. This is just the beginning.

Age Forward is the only site where you can find the world's top Doctors in their respective fields, across a variety of health categories, speaking about day to day issues that matter most to you. I think it's an invaluable resource.


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